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Towards a Teaching-Led Research and Scholarship Culture in the School of Languages: Formulating Strategy, 2020-2

The Languages Cluster is developing a research strategy for the emerging School of Languages. In order to provide factual information and colleagues’ suggestions for the formulation of the strategy, this survey aims to: (1) collect data of colleagues’ research achievements, (2) identify research groups to facilitate future pedagogical research, (3) gather colleagues’ opinions on current research culture at the LC and their suggestions for enhancement.

Contact information
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Please enter your name. (Please be noted that your opinions on current research culture at LC will be in a separate survey and will remain completely anonymous.)
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Research achievements and plans

Please list your publications (articles, books, book chapters, monographs, or conference proceedings), either published or accepted, (in APA style) since Academic Year 2018.

Please list your conference presentations since Academic Year 2018.
Please list any research funding you have obtained since Academic Year 2018.
Please describe your professional engagement (e.g., review of articles for journals) since Academic Year 2018.

Please describe briefly any research project(s) you have been conducting since Academic Year 2018.

Please list any articles, books, book chapters, monographs, or conference proceedings, as well as conference presentations and research funding applications that you have submitted or are preparing for submission.
Identify research groups
The Languages Cluster plans to form research groups in which colleagues with similar research backgrounds and expertise can communicate or collaborate on various research projects. If you are interested in joining the research groups, please list your research interests (e.g., L2 vocabulary, VR, AI, gamification, assessment, etc.), level of expertise, and whether you’d like to be the leader of this potential group.
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A research working party will be formed at the LC to review research project applications (SURF, LC conference funding, etc.). Please indicate whether you’d like to be a member of the group. The group will/may lead to the formation of the research committee at the new School of Languages.

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After you submit the first part of the survey, please click the link in the end message to continue with the second anonymous part of the survey.